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Trail Riding Photos

Below are photos from various meets and trail riding days. Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

December 2009 - The Snow!!!

November 2009 - Salisbury Plain (if only there were more pics!)

September 2009 - Hare and Hounds Enduro at Broad Farm Hailsham, East Sussex

DSC03835 DSC03838 DSC03840 DSC03837

Wales 2009

Hi-5 mate!.jpg

Wake up in Wales.jpg

Home for a week.jpg

Dry clothes?.jpg

Excellent camp spot.jpg

Strata Florida!!!.jpg

Stuck in water.jpg

Ready to ride!.jpg

August 2009 (Warm up to Wales 2009 - Private Land)

Time for a beer.jpg

Saddle Ride.jpg


Pete KTM.jpg

The Bikes.jpg

Little Bro.jpg

Pete Jump.jpg

bred 8
Where's Wally?.jpg

June 2009

Holly Hill Byways
What a sight!.jpg
Holly Hill Byways
Short road work.jpg
Holly Hill Byways
Hampshire byway.jpg
Holly Hill Byways
Hampshire green lane.jpg

April 2009

Holly Hill Byways
Holly Hill Byways.jpg
Holly Hill Greenlanes
Holly Hill Greenlanes.jpg
Pete Holly Hill Kent
Pete Holly Hill.jpg
Dave Ree - In his field Dallington East Sussex
Dave Ree (his field!).jpg

Pete Dirt Tash Culverstone
Pete Dirt Tash.jpg

Novel way to install piston
Novel piston install.jpg
My bike as it should be
CRF as it should be.jpg
Joe Pilbeam Jump
Pilbeam Jump.jpg

Feb 2009

Crowborough Short Byway Run - Golf Course
Crowborough Golf Run.jpg

Pill Box Jarvis Brook
Pill Box .jpg
Petes New KTM
Petes New Bike.jpg

Jan 2009

heathfield east sussex green lane
Heathfield Rutts.jpg

heathfield byway
Heathfield Byway.jpg
Chalvington Byway
Chalivington Byway.jpg
Lower Dicker Byway
Dont go alone!.jpg
byway frost ice
black ice green lane
Slippy As!.jpg
frosty hedge
Cold Hedge.jpg
frozen field
Nice View.jpg

Dec 2008

New CRF250X.jpg
crf250x rebuild
In dining room!.jpg
crf250 engine
Stripped CRF!.jpg
crf250r replace piston
Replacing Piston.jpg

Wales 2008

cider on quad
Cider Time.jpg
xr250 smoke
Smoke Time.jpg
wales byway
No Chance.jpg
wales greenlane
Love the view.jpg
Wales RUPP
Wales hotel
Home for a week!.jpg
Wales Waterfall
Rubber Ring?.jpg
Wales Trail Ride
Home Again.jpg

Trail Rider
Lots of water.jpg

RUPP Track
What a place .jpg
Forst Track DR350
Good old boys .jpg

Goodbye XR ;(.jpg

Rhodes 2008

Rhodes Trails
Quad it up.jpg
Rhodes byway
Trusty DR350.jpg
Rhodes Hill
Road Bike!.jpg
Trail Ride Spain
Endless Tracks.jpg

Greenlane Morocco
Hill Climb.jpg

Quad Safari
2 Wheels better!.jpg
Quad Rhodes
Holly on Quad.jpg

Quad off road
The Machines.jpg

July 2008

Stuck Hailsham
Stuck Hailsham.jpg
Pete Crash Hole
Pete Crash Hole.jpg
Pete Crash Jump
Pete Crash Jump.jpg
Stuck Lower Dicker
Stuck Lower Dicker.jpg
KTM Riders
KTM Riders.jpg
Honda XR400
Honda XR400.jpg
Bike Folkestone
Bike Folkestone.jpg

May 2008

Me on jump
Me on jump.jpg
Pete on jump
Pete on jump.jpg
Pete Jump
Pete Jump.jpg
Me Jump
Me Jump.jpg

April 2008

Bikes Old School
Bikes old school.JPG
Goudhurst Track
Goudhurst Track.JPG
Me & Pete
Me & Pete.JPG
Mine & Petes Bike
Mine & Petes Bikes.JPG
My Bike April
My Bike April.JPG
My Bike April
My Bike-April.JPG
Pete Crowbrough
Pete Crowboroughs.JPG
Pete Pub
Pete Pub.JPG
Pete South Downs
Pete Sussex Downs.JPG
South Downs
Sussex Downs 1.JPG
Sussex Downs
Sussex Downs.JPG
Thanks 4x4's
Thanks 4x4!.JPG

March 2008

1st March Meet
1st March Meet.JPG
Byways Closed
Byway Closed.JPG
My XR250
My XR250.JPG
Byway Sign Post
Byway Sign Post.JPG
Great Danegate 1
Great Danegate 1.JPG
Great Danegate 10
Great Danegate 10.JPG
Oh joy
Oh joy.JPG
Great Danegate 11
Great Danegate 11.JPG
Great Danegate 12
Great Danegate 12.JPG
Great Danegate 13
Great Danegate 13.JPG
XR after a deep bog
XR after a deep bog!.JPG
Great Danegate 14
Great Danegate 14.JPG
Great Danegate 15
Great Danegate 15.JPG
Great Danegate 16
Great Danegate 16.JPG
James Jeremy & Holly Turk
Me & Holly.JPG
Great Danegate 17
Great Danegate 17.JPG
Great Danegate 18
Great Danegate 18.JPG
Great Danegate 19
Great Danegate 19.JPG
My Bikes
My Bikes.JPG
Great Danegate 2
Great Danegate 2.JPG
Great Danegate 3
Great Danegate 3.JPG
Great Danegate 4
Great Danegate 4.JPG
Start of Great Danegate
Start of Great Danegate.JPG
Great Danegate 5
Great Danegate 5.JPG
Great Danegate 6
Great Danegate 6.JPG
Great Danegate 7
Great Danegate 7.JPG
Hailsham Byway
Hailsham Byway.JPG
Great Danegate 8
Great Danegate 8.JPG

February 2008

Beginning of Redgate Mill Farm
Beginning of Redgate Mill Farm.JPG
Met some 4x4 - Little Broadreed Farm,
Met some 4x4 - Little Broadreed Farm.JPG
The end of Redgate Mill Farm
The end of Redgate Mill!.JPG
More 4x4s Five Ashes
More 4x4 Five Ashes.JPG
More 4x4 Little Broadreed
More 4x4 Little Broadreed.JPG
Pageham Down
Pageham Down Byway.JPG
The end of Redgate Mill Farm
The end of Redgate Mill Farm!.JPG
Pub East Peckham
Pub East Peckham.JPG
Ron Jeremy - Pageham Farm
Ron Jeremy - Pageham Farm.JPG
Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy.JPG
Sewer Rats
Sewer Rat checking them out!.JPG
Ron Jeremy Falling Off
Ron Jeremy Falling off!.JPG

Holiday Photos

Andy Cuba
Andy Cuba.JPG
Andy E Cuba
Andy E Cuba.JPG
Cuban Taxi
Cuban Taxi!.JPG
Cuba Road
Cuba Road.JPG
Cuban Road
Cuban Road.JPG
The 50cc
The 50cc's.JPG
Me & Ron - Cuba
Me & Ron - Cuba.JPG
Ron Cuba
Ron Cuba.JPG
Road that never ends
Road that never ends!.JPG
Me Holly Thailand
Me Holly Thailand.JPG

Old Photos

Pike Bike
Pike Bike.JPG
David Ridley
David Ridley.jpg
Me 1.jpg
Issac Quad
Issac Quad.JPG
Lucy Bepey House
Lucy Bepey House.JPG
Pike Bike
My Pike Bike.JPG
Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy.jpg

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