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Trail Riding Cyprus 2009/2010

Just before Christmas 2009 I was offered a cheap deal to Cyprus as I work in the travel industry.. I accepted without hesitation as it was bound to be warmer there than in the UK and I’d heard the dirt biking out there was good so I phoned around and managed to enrole my younger brother to come along as well.

My brother doesn’t have a motorbike licence and has only ridden off road a handful of times but he duly accepted and after a few days of being stuffed with turkey and Christmas trimmings we were flying off to Cyprus.. We booked some last minute accommodation and planned to spend dawn till dusk every day riding.

We hadn’t pre-arranged bikes so that was our first port of call and managed to quickly within a few hours hire a Honda XR400 and an XL125... We couldn’t pick them up until the next day so we did what most brits abroad do and went and spent the rest of the day in the nearest bar..

With a slightly fuzzy heads the bikes arrived on time and surprisingly in good condition.. We hired them from a very helpful chap called Costas who owns and runs T&T Isle of Man Sales and Sevice Bikes Ltd, he has a number of different bikes to suit all tastes. Click his company name for his website or if you'd prefer to call its 00347 99  419560 or The following video shows some of the great scenery and trails that Cyprus has to offer, bear in mind we only had 5 days riding so we only saw a small part of the excellent off-road experiences that could be had, enjoy....

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